State College resident takes downtown by “Storm”

Video posted December 10, 2012 in News by Brian Cronauer


Many people know Dave “Skippy” Jones, though a select few have ever seen his face. Jones is one of downtown State College’s odd and enjoyable attractions that you may see downtown if you happen to be lucky enough. His alternate identity comes in the form of the State College Storm Trooper.

Jones, 25, of State College, isn’t your typical geek who dresses up in Storm Trooper attire just because he loves it so much. He is part of a Star Wars enthusiast charity organization, known as the 501st Legion, which consists of 5,500 members in 42 countries around the world. 

Members of the 501st Legion take their inner-geek and do plenty of good with their hobby by visiting children hospitals throughout the area and hand out toys to children who are suffering from various illnesses. Jones and his fellow members also make appearances at cancer, autism, and Down syndrome awareness events. Putting a smile on a child’s face and helping them briefly forget that they’re in a hospital is what makes it all worth it, Jones said. 

Venturing downtown in his costume during the day or at night is something that Jones occasionally takes part in.  Most people’s reactions are relatively pleasant, and they enjoy what he does. Students and others timidly approach with a smile on their face, asking if they could get a picture with him. To Jones, that’s what it’s all about.

Jones originally had no interest in Star Wars when his dad first proposed the idea to him. Jones decided to see the movie when his father told him that John Williams, his favorite composer, would be doing the score for the movie. Ever since then, he has become a dedicated fan of the series, and the collection of Star Wars memorabilia and other toys he has amassed over the years has continued to grow.

The Collection

Framed and signed posters by actors in the movie, and light sabers adorn Jones’ bedroom wall.  Numerous miniature statues and other toys sit upon shelves in his man cave, while stacks of books and videogames are spread all throughout his room.

It's all part of the collection of Star Wars memorabilia that Jones has amassed over the years during his time as a fan of the series.