Stress Relief

Story/Video posted April 12, 2012 in News by Kirk Dyson


Kerry Brunner's passion for singing started when he was young. The Penn State junior is part of the acapella group the Pennharmonics.  While his major has nothing to do with music, he finds the experience of the Pennharmonics to be both enjoyable and a stress reliever.

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Kirk Dyson

2012 Graduate / Broadcast Journalism

I grew up in Springfield, Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Growing up, my life revolved around sports.  I played soccer and baseball from the time I could walk and am an avid hockey and football fan. 

My love for sports and easy-going personality made me decide to enroll in the College of Communications and pursue a career in sports journalism.

I have had the opportunity to intern for a news station, WMGM-NBC 40 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, under the sports director there.  I learned what it was like to be the anchor for local sports and the day-to-day requirements that would come with the job. 

Because of my love for sports, I enrolled in the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism just before my senior year and have been given the chance to write for sports and also learn about sports broadcasting.  In the spring of 2012, I also took a sports broadcasting class in which I helped produce a sports show with my peers.

My hope is to get into the field of sports journalism so I can turn my passion of sports into a job that I will not only enjoy but be excited about.

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Travis Clark

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I’m Travis Clark…I like working in images and video, and mostly take on things that touch me at some inner level. I’m graduating in broadcast journalism in May, but I’ll likely continue to make projects in journalism as well as in entertainment. Some of the pieces you’ll see are unfinished…don’t worry, I’m workin’ on ‘em.