Student delivers cookies to build confidence

Story/Video posted December 7, 2015 in News by Tyler Ball


State College offers a plethora of local restaurants and eateries to the community. While pizza and wings may have their place as the signature grub,  students can also order hot and fresh cookies straight to their dorm or apartment.

This late night food option is why many cookie-craving students are opening their doors to Ryan Savage at 3 a.m. Savage is a driver for Insomnia Cookies, which is aptly named for its willingness to conduct cookie business at extreme hours. 

Ryan Savage started working at Insomnia Cookies as a delivery driver at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester. Occasionally he's required to work past 3AM.

Instead of counting sheep, Savage is making delivery runs and counting cash. Although occasionally his work schedule can cut into his social life by requiring him to work late hours on the weekends, he says his managers are flexible with the schedule for the most part and he doesn’t miss that much time hanging out with his friends.

Savage said he hopes to improve his communication skills and ability to interact with others. Besides wanting to make some extra money as a student; he took the job as a delivery driver to help make him more comfortable around strangers.

At first, having to interact with customers was a bit awkward for Savage. Already struggling with his social anxiety, to make matters worse one of his first deliveries was to a couple of customers who didn’t speak English, he said.

Now that he’s had a few months of experience under his belt he says his deliveries have gone a lot smoother, and he agrees that the job has helped him more than thickening his wallet.

“Its definitely helped me come out of my shell,” Savage said.

Savage is on schedule to graduate from Penn State in the spring of 2016 and hopes to begin a career in human resources.

“That’s what life’s all about [for me], making a difference in people’s lives,” Savage said.

Video: Savage gives the scoop on the busiest cookie ordering days

For Savage, some days at the office go by slowly. Other days the cookie business is booming.