Student’s faith gives him strength

Story posted March 4, 2013 in News by Tyler Estright

Kevin Deibler has always been a devout Catholic. Coming to college has not changed that.


Deibler is a senior psychology major and he says that his faith has been even more important to him since he's come to college.

There are many ways he keeps his faith close to his heart while away at school. He always wears his crucifix necklace that was given to him as a confirmation gift from his parents. He also keeps prayer beads in his pocket at all times as a constant reminder to pray. He prays at least three times a day and says it's not uncommon for him to pray even more than that.

He also carries around a pocket sized Bible. He loves to read his favorite verses and then highlight them so he can find them if he ever wants to read them again. Deibler says it's important for him to stay strong in his faith while at school because of the many temptations that he faces. Deibler says he remains a stronger person because of his faith.