Students React to Penn State’s Walk-Up COVID Testing

Story posted March 9, 2021 in CommRadio, News by Kayla Marrero

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State allows students to engage in free rapid COVID-19 testing if they are afraid they have been exposed to coronavirus. This walk-up testing allows more students to get their results back quickly instead of having to pay for a test at a different location.

Penn State is allowing any students to use the walk-up testing, whether they took a test last month or last week or even the day before. Penn State is trying to encourage students to keep their community safe by utilizing this testing feature.

Students like Ishmael Sesay (freshman, telecommunications) believe there is potential to walk-up testing.

“The walk-up testing has some potential if it is similar to the first two weeks of the COVID testing,” Sesay said. “It would take about 15 minutes to get your results, so I would use it a little bit more compared to last semester, where it took about three or four days to get your result.”

The Penn State walk-up testing is great for students, especially if they need to know their status after being potentially exposed to the virus. The anticipation for getting your COVID results was previously nerve-wracking for students, but Penn State has fixed that solution with its walk-up testing.

Kristin Swaby (freshman, journalism) likes how convenient that walk-up testing is.

“I feel like the walk-up testing is a convenient way to easily check if you are COVID positive or not,” Swaby said. “You can easily check if you have the strains of COVID-19, and you do not have to go through the hassle of making reservations, as you can easily do it at your own time.”


Kayla Marrero is a freshman majoring in journalism. To contact her, email