Hairdresser brings city styles to State College

Video posted December 8, 2014 in News by Carla McDuffie


Candace Lyons owns a hair salon in downtown State College, Pa. called ‘Styles By Candace.’ Lyons started out doing hair when she was in college but didn’t take it seriously as a career path initially.

Q2FuZGFjZSBMeW9ucyBhZGRzIGNvbG9yIHRvIGNsaWVudHMgaGFpcg==Her friends constantly told her how good she was as a hair stylist and she finally decided to take it up as a career. She quit a corporate job and became a full-time beautician.  After a few years of working for other people, Lyons took a leap of faith and decided to move to State College and open up her own beauty salon.

Lyons offers a variety of hairstyles in her salon, she is  familiar with the latest trends in Philadelphia and elsewhere.  Her services include weave sew-ins, coloring, cuts, braids, perms and roller sets. Any haircut or style someone can get in the city, they can get at her hair salon.

“People are into image now, you see people getting Botox and this and that and the other so being an hairstylists is very important now a days,” says Lyons. She feels like an artist and says she has to be creative when doing hair. It’s like taking a blank canvas and it making beautiful. The client comes to her with preconceived image of how they want to look and she does the best she can to bring that look to life.

The skills to bring any style to life

Lyons does a variety of styles, anything from ombre colors, haircuts, highlights and curls.