Surprise Me

Video posted April 30, 2015 in News by Joseph A. Walters, III


Dr. Donna King is a professor at Penn State in Women’s Studies and African American Studies department. She’s a flamboyant woman with a passion for activism. Though she was born and lived most of her life in Brooklyn, New York, she is a devoted resident of State College.  For many reasons involving race issues, she’s sued the township many times and fought with the school system to keep the MLK Holiday of service. She was also very instrumental in the Hub takeover in 2001.

She is currently trying to find a permanent home in a department here at Penn State. Her classes get  approved most of the time by her department but when they don't, for whatever reason, she's always hopefully to find a department that will. Despite these obstacles, with the help of the surrounding community, she was able to go to Oxford to discuss her book on the Penn State founders. She also is working on a fellowship with Columbia University and is also working with Teach For America.

She is also a pastor of a church in Bellefonte. The church is rich in history that also includes the Penn State founders. The church doubled as an Underground Railroad site. The Penn State founders use to attend the black church while also being instrumental in uplifting a then black Bellefonte. Though her congregation is small she continues to preach and does her best to keep the doors open.