Video posted December 14, 2015 in News by Abhar Shah


I Am A Survivor

After overcoming cancer her senior year of freshman year of college, Kaylyn Rosado is now in her second year of remission. Her battle with cancer might be over, but she is still dealing with a lot of the effects that cancer left behind. She takes medicine on a daily basis just so she doesn’t fall sick and has to watch what she eats every meal.
She has many other problems with her body that were caused by cancer but that isn’t stopping her from living her life. She is a very happy person who has gotten stronger from her battle with cancer.
“I have learned a lot from my battle,” says Rosado. “I’m so much stronger and I learned that through struggle comes tremendous strength.”
She is determined to life her life as a normal person and doesn’t want cancer to define the way she lives her life.
She is currently a junior studying kinesiology at Penn State and one of the biggest reasons for her coming to Penn State was THON.
“I am in love with it,” says Rosado. “It has taught me so much about not just overcoming my struggles but has shown me how kind people are towards strangers and how we can change a little kids life.”
Rosado is now involved with COMMON, a THON org at Penn State, and she was previously part of Penn State Berks THON. She will also be dancing for THON for COMMON this upcoming year.