“The Bad Batch” Season 2 Episode 5: “Entombed” Review

Opinion posted January 30, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci

The Bad Batch kicked off another situation this week in episode five of the series.

The ever-mysterious Phee from the season’s pilot episode makes her return to the series and takes a liking to Omega, who finds a compass while exploring a junkyard.

Phee convinces the Batch to come with her to find what the compass is pointing to.

They arrive on an uncharted world with only the compass to guide them, which places them inside a giant tomb with multiple death traps.

After members of the Batch almost die three times, they finally find what they were looking for.

Phee leads them to the Heart of the Mountain, where the legend comes to life, but when Phee tries to remove the treasure, the heart sends them into a fiery death trap which ends with the Batch making the decision between the loot and their lives.

The Batch leave the planets without the treasure (but with their lives), and while they learned that they might not be the best treasure hunters, at least Omega was happy.

Like episode four, this entry didn’t add a whole lot to the plot as a whole, but there were a few positives.

Viewers got more insight into Phee, who just showed up at Cid’s in the pilot from this season. It’s always interesting to see the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire from someone who really doesn’t have a stake in either side.

It was also nice to see Omega shine in this episode. Viewers saw one of her natural talents in exploring and getting the Batch out of tricky situations.

There’s been a huge improvement in her character development from the first season.

Little episodes like this are nice once in a while, but when is the show going to get into more action? Where did Crosshair go? What’s Cody’s status? Any updates on that mysterious mountain from the end of season one?

Recently, the Star Wars projects have just been dark. Not in a moral way, but on the screen. “The Book of Boba Fett”, “Kenobi” and now “The Bad Batch” have just been really hard to see lately, even with computer or television brightness all the way up.

If the characters are in a cave or are galavanting at night, it’s understandable, but for episodes where most time is spent underground, it would benefit viewers if the action was a little brighter.

All in all, “The Bad Batch” has to get through filler episodes and minor arcs in order to get to the story at large, but it’s getting a little boring five episodes in.

Rating: 2.5/5

Adrianna Gallucci is a first-year student majoring in journalism. To contact her, please email amg7989@psu.edu.