The Burger Man

Video posted April 28, 2016 in News by Geena Goozdich


Logan Lott is just your average twenty-two year old. He lives in an apartment, goes to class Monday through Friday and enjoys building puzzles in his free time. One thing that is extraordinary about Logan however, is his love for one food in particular – the hamburger.

Logan’s story is all but the same as every other student at Penn State that is until you get to the two-year span where he ate a burger every single day. Yes, you read that correctly, two years! Logan ate a hamburger every day for 829 days.

He says he didn’t realize it when he started. He just had eaten a hamburger every day for one week, and then decided to try to see how long he could “keep it up”.  He said it turns out “829 days is how long I could keep that up.”

His friends became to recognize him as “the burger guy”. Some of his friends suggest he make a website, another gave him a trophy commemorating his run. He became the guy to go to for a burger recommendation.

When I sat down with him at his favorite burger shack in town he told me how much McDonald’s he had eaten to get through his 829-day journey. He even told me of all the different places in town he tried, and even of his all-time favorite burger place in Connecticut.

Logan’s love of burgers didn’t end at his two-year long run. He still eats burger “almost everyday”, he said. And sadly, the run ended very anticlimactically. One day he just realized that he hadn’t had a burger that day, and that was the end of his epic burger-eating adventure. But hey, maybe one day he’ll pick up where he left off.