The Coda Conduct

Video posted December 3, 2018 in News by Montana Telman


UNIVERSITY PARK --- Founded only six years ago in 2012, The Coda Conduct is still considered very new to the collegiate a cappella scene; performing along side groups such as None of the Above (NOTA) founded in 1991 and the over 25-year-old Pennharmonics, the fresh faced co-ed a cappella group has made their mark on Penn State.

The Coda Conduct, or “Coda” to its members and fans, began as the brain child of two roommates, Ricky Jabarin and Trevor Johnson with the mission “to promote diversity to the University through a cappella singing”. (The Coda Conduct website) Since their formation and multiple turnovers with members, The Coda Conduct has earned many accolades, Fourth Place in ICCA 2017 Semifinals, First Place in ICCA 2017 Quarterfinals, #22 in 2014 Top Collegiate A Cappella Groups in Mid-Atlantic by AcaRank, and just released a full length album. Coda travels throughout the United States performing in various competitions, festivals, and attending workshops to improve their skills beyond rehearsal.
While Coda views themselves as a highly competitive and determined group, there is one aspect that keeps them close together, as President, Gabriella Giotto says, they are a family. Giotto notes that while the group may get stressed out or fight, at the end of the day what is most important to them is that they are together.

Social Chair and Choreographer, Jalen Martin, had similar sentiments, “We are all striving for the same goal, so we definitely push each other in everything, it’s always fun.”

Both Giotto and Martin noted that there are some moments where Coda falters and bickering occurs, but at the end of the rehearsal, regardless of anything that has taken place in the walls 367 Willard, they’ll end up at somebody’s apartment like nothing ever happened.

The members of The Coda Conduct don’t just have a passion for a cappella, they have a passion for the music they make as a family.