The Conversation Man

Video posted April 29, 2014 in News by Corinne Lewin


Khalon Blakeney began his journey as a sophomore who wanted to facilitate dialogues for the World in Conversation, an organization on Penn State’s campus that allows students to talk about taboo subjects. He worked to become a facilitator, then a dialogue assistant, to his current position on the junior staff: Facilitation Coach. He works with students every day to help them navigate these dialogues and the difficulties they may come across.

Khalon, a senior, likes to think of himself as different from a lot of people on this campus because he recognizes the importance of meaningful conversation. He understands that asking the right open-ended questions is the key to getting a more detailed answer. After learning about the Socratic Method, Khalon tries his best to incorporate these skills into his daily life.
As he is straddling the line between student and teacher, Khalon learns what he can offer to help people achieve the same growth and success that he has had.

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Senior / Broadcast Journalism & French


My name is Corinne Lewin and I will be graduating with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Pennsylvania State University.

Here, you will be able to learn a little bit about me as well as see some examples of my work throughout my time as a student here at Penn State!

After graduation, I plan on pursuing employment in the media, though not necessarily as a journalist. While my education has centered primarily on broadcast journalism, I have had with a well-rounded education that has given me insight to the many different paths that lie within the realm of media.

I also have an interest in French, a subject in which I will soon hold a B.A.. After having traveled to Montpellier, France for the Spring 2013 semester, I have been able to experience to the world around me, improve my French language skills, and be able to be a student at a French University. This experience has helped me to become more well-rounded in terms of my education and I look forward to any opportunity I may have to go back!

During my time at Penn State, I have been involved in many things. I have spent each of my 4 years at Penn State as a Lion Scout where I lead prospective families on tours of Penn State. I have also had the opportunity to be the virtual tour guide for Penn State! You can check that out here! ( I have been involved in Penn State’s IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) since I arrived on campus and this spring, I am hoping to be able to be one of the lucky students who has the honor of standing for 46 hours to show support for the fight against pediatric cancer. I also have spent two years as a Diversity Ambassador in the College of Communications. With this organization, I mentored new students and helped them get acquainted with campus and discover all of the resources that are available here. Finally, I have worked, in many capacities, at the World in Conversation - Center for Public Diplomacy at Penn State. I have worked as a facilitator who held dialogues with Penn State students and with students across the country and across the world. Most recently, I worked as their Social Media Intern, helping to increase visibility of the official Center for Public Diplomacy at Penn State.