The fraternity cook

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Andre Freeman



Dawnell Butler is Lambda Chi Alpha’s newest house cook.  After working multiple years for both Alpha Sig and Zeta Psi, she came to Lambda Chi just this past semester.  Dawnell, or Dawn, comes every weekday cooking lunch and dinner for the 35 guys that live in the house.  From meatloaf to roast beef Dawn’s passion is cooking.

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Over the semester, Dawn and the guys at Lambda Chi have had a growing relationship.  She knows what they like and what they don’t.  The guys know that they need to keep the kitchen clean in order to continue receiving their meals.  Without a clean cooking area for Dawn there will not be food for that day.

Dawn talks about making a difference in the young men and they know that they could always come to her for anything.  Her passion is cooking, but she comes back every day because of the guys in the house.


Dawn's favorite dish

Dawnell talks about the dish she would make if she were entered into a "best fraternity cook on campus" contest.