The Hidden Surprise

Video posted April 19, 2012 in News by Alyssa Pulice


Surprise, this Penn State Junior majoring in Advertising, shared her love and favorite hobbies with us, playing the violin.


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Alyssa Pulice

Senior / Broadcast Journalism, Minor: Theater

  I knew from the day I started watching E! News, this was what I wanted to do. Never in my 15 years of going to school have I ever second-guessed myself as an on-air journalist. I want to enlighten people to what is going on and would love to develop the skills to report news to the world.

  Being a student at The Pennsylvania State University not only taught me about myself, but taught me things that I will be able to use my whole life. Gamma Phi Beta, the sorority that I had the privilege to be a part of and lucky enough to be the President my sophomore year, has taught me many things dealing with the real world. As a past president of Gamma Phi Beta I was able to show my leadership capabilities by gathering thirty some girls to help the community and to raise money for great causes. I have also been privileged to be a part of two chapters of the Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, after transferring schools I was granted the opportunity to hold two positions in this chapter, I am one of the members on the Standards Board and a liaison between two chapters.

  I have done so much these past four years at school that I would never take back, it has taught me time management, commitment and responsibility. With all of the activities I am involved in I still have managed to kept my grades up, I have had a part time job and I have managed to have an on-air internship at Magnum Broadcasting. I am a very passionate person and I do seek to accomplish what I set my mind to.