The life of a student CEO

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Allison Williams



Michael Duong, a senior double majoring in IST and Finance, keeps himself pretty busy at Penn State. Along with his schoolwork, he is also the CEO of Campus Concierge which is a social lifestyle app for students at Penn State. He created the app with a group of three other students and it was released in February of this year.

Through the app, students are able to check into State Colleges bars, as well as see the reported guy to girl ratio and look at the specials for the night. Duong plans to add more features, including the ability to make restaurant reservations and have food delivered.

If everything goes well, Duong hopes to branch out to other colleges throughout the coming years and make running Campus Concierge his full time job. The app is currently available for both Andriod and Iphones.

Meet the Crew - Campus Concierge

Creating the app was a group effort. Roy Spangler, Patrick Chou, and Michael Burkentine make up the Campus Concierge crew. They each explain their roles in the company.



Free Time

Duong unwinds from his busy schedule by traveling across the country several times during the semester. He accomplishes this by scheduling late classes on Mondays, and no classes on Fridays. In the past year, he has visited Australia, Las Vegas, Cancun, and New York City while attending class full time and running his company.

It is difficult to juggle all of these commitments, but Duong says time management is key. Every Sunday, he sits down to plan out everything he must do during the week. Whatever work he isn't able to finish he completes on the plane and during layovers.