The Man Behind the Radio

Video posted April 1, 2016 in News by Vittoria Gallelli


STATE COLLEGE, Pa -- Stephen Hilton is not just the man who manages at The Heights. After being introduced to radio at a very young age, Hilton says that it is a passion he could not give up on even if he tried to. 

Hilton says that he is not always the outgoing, loud mouthed guy he may come off to be on the radio.  

“Put a mic in my hand and I become the most sociable guy in the room” he says.  

He says that his best memory of being on the radio is when the station had listeners send in get well card to Joe Paterno when he was sick. They were overwhelmed with the amount of people that had made contributions, Hilton says. 

“Put me on the radio and suddenly I am strong enough that I will say and do anything I wouldn’t normally” he says. 

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