The Best of THON 2012

Story posted February 19, 2012 in News, Best of CommMedia, THON 2012 by College of Communications

Moments of THON

With links to all our THON 2012 photo galleries


More than 30 photojournalism students in the College of Communications, working in shifts, documented the entire 46 hours of THON 2012. From many thousands of images this slideshow serves as a preview for the five photo galleries of the best student work over three days.

THON in photos: Friday night

THON in photos: Saturday Part 1

THON in photos: Saturday Part 2

THON in photos: Sunday Part 1

THON in photos: The Final Hours



About the Contributors

Amanda August's photo

Amanda August

Graduate / Visual Journalism

Amanda August is senior majoring in visual journalism. Her experience includes photojournalism, multimedia reporting and Web design. She also loves to read, cook and scrapbook.

Kelley King's photo

Kelley King

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Kelley is a Penn State graduate with a major in visual journalism and a minor in sociology. She has interned as a multimedia reporter at magazine in Philadelphia, as a lifestyle writer at the Lansdale Reporter, and worked three years on the staff of The Daily Collegian student newspaper, where she was Photo/Multimedia Chief.
In 2012 she traveled to Rio de Janeiro to do field work for Comm 402, International Reporting.

Victoria Magliaro's photo

Victoria Magliaro

Senior / Visual Journalism

My two primary interests are the equine industry and photography. I hope to combine these interests in a career as a photographer for an equine publication like Practical Horseman.  I am a 22-year-old visual journalism major at Penn State University with a psychology minor.

I work three jobs in addition to pet sitting and house cleaning for several families on a regular basis. I work very hard in all of my jobs as well as in my classes. I know exactly where I want to be as an adult, so I am doing my best to get there.

Chloe Elmer's photo

Chloe Elmer

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Chloe Elmer graduated in Spring 2012 with a major in visual journalism and a minor in psychology. She was the photo editor and an active staff photographer for The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s independently-run student newspaper.
She traveled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2012 for a class on international reporting. In the summer of 2010, she spent 10 weeks in London, where she interned at Archant, the largest independently-owned media company in the United Kingdom. These experiences helped her to gain valuable global professional experience and a more independent mindset.
Though she enjoys photographing any type of event, sports and spot news are two of her favorites. She is currently widening her skills through wedding and portrait photography

Julianna O'Malley's photo

Julianna O'Malley

2012 Graduate / Double Major in Integrative Arts and Visual Journalism

Being passionate about the world, I am studying photography and design in hopes that I will be able to share my perspectives and creative eye with those around us. From creating fashion forward images in the studio to telling a photographic narrative about life, I hope to pursue a career where I use my creative interests, talents, and desire to travel to the best of my ability to make a difference.

Lindsay Gunderman's photo

Lindsay Gunderman

Senior / Visual Journalism and Integrative Arts

I am interested in doing still photography and multimedia for a newspaper or magazine. I am an associate creative director at Valley Magazine, where I create advertisements for local businesses to be published in the magazine.

Kaitlyn Knopp's photo

Kaitlyn Knopp

Junior / Visual Communications B.A.; Labor Studies Employment Relations B.S.; Human Resou

As a Penn State junior, I am devoted to excelling in every aspect of my academics, extracurricular and eventual career. I participate in multiple majors and activities to expand my knowledge, and hopefully have a great experience along the way.

Lindsay Lipovich's photo

Lindsay Lipovich

2013 Graduate / Journalism, Visual Communication

I am a visual communication student, eager to make a difference in the world. My expertise is in social media, multimedia, marketing, public relations and travel. As a May 2013 Penn State Graduate, I have the knowledge and dedication needed to provide an innovative vision in many different fields.

I am passionate about photography and traveling, preferably simultaneously…

Tyler Sizemore's photo

Tyler Sizemore

Graduate / Art (Photography) B.A. and Visual Journalism

Tyler Sizemore is a senior at Penn State majoring in Art Photography and Visual Journalism. Tyler has gained valuable experience in photojournalism through his job as a senior photographer for The Daily Collegian. His favorite things to photograph are sports and music. He enjoys the journalistic aspect of photography and aims to tell a story in every photo. His experience with The Daily Collegian has put him on the sidelines to photograph Penn State football games; on the airport runway to photograph the President of the United States; on the dance floor to photograph THON, the largest student-run philanthropy event in the world; and numerous other places that have given him invaluable experience in the photojournalism industry. Tyler is also employed by Penn State University Health Services to photograph their facility and patients. He also works for Penn State Sports Properties, photographing advertising and vendors at Penn State football games. During the summer, Tyler keeps busy by freelancing for the Evening Sun, his local newspaper in Hanover, Pa. and photographing weddings. He hopes that the experiences he has gained during his time at Penn State will open the door for a career in photojournalism.

Shawn Inglima's photo

Shawn Inglima

Graduate / Visual Journalism

Senior in Visual Journalism at Penn State University. Topic Editor/photographer at Onward, photographer at the Center of the Performing Arts, and entertainment photographer for the Student Programming Association (SPA) and The Lion fm.

JennKnauff's photo


Senior / Visual Journalism

I live in West Chester, Pa. and am senior majoring in Visual Journalism. I have a huge passion for photography and would love to work for a music magazine eventually. I enjoy photographing all subjects from nature to concerts.

ShawnLelko's photo


Senior / Visual Journalism

I am Shawn Lelko from State College Pennsylvania. I am a senior at Penn State University studying photojournalism. I will be graduating in May 2012. I hope to pursue a career in sport photography.