The Musical Repairman

Story posted November 10, 2014 in News by Rachel Wilson


Robert Kain is a string instrument builder and repairman out of Campbelltown. He is the owner of Robert Kain's Country String Shop and Music Academy and caters to a variety of customers across the state of Pennsylvania. He also does repairs for elementary, middle and high school music programs between central Pennsylvania and Philadelphia, along with college music programs.

Kain has been building and repairing instruments for 35 years. He builds violins, violas, cellos and string basses and also does repairs these instruments, along with fretted instruments, such as acoustic and electric guitars and bass guitars. It is not uncommon for Kain to have about three months or more worth of work at one time, both from individual customers and school music programs. While Kain mostly does work for Pennsylvania musicians, he has done work for musicians from all along the east coast, and even a little out into the midwest. He has also built a violin for a musician from China.

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