The passion of dance

Video posted December 10, 2013 in News by Cheuk Wai Vivian Lam


Derek Mon, a senior student from New York, has been a THON dancer for three years and is the president of Raw Aesthetic Movements, also known as R.A.M. Squad. It is a hip-hop and break dancing student organization on campus. R.A.M. Squad performs at different events at Penn State University, including THON, talent shows, multi-cultural events, homecoming, Family Clothesline, and halftime during football games. The goal is to promote hip-hop culture at Penn State and educate students about all the forms of hip-hop dance.

Derek says that dancing has been a learning experience –  applying the dancing skills to his academics. He pays more attention in class and learned to “be present.” 

                                                                                                   ~Story by Cheuk Wai Vivian Lam




Derek Mon shared one of the most embarrassing moments during his freshmen year while he was dancing in public.



The Pre-THON is always fun. Derek Mon and his members in R.A.M. Squad joined the THON 5K in early October to raise money for THON. There were many families and kids joined the activity.