The Perez Family

Video posted December 11, 2014 in News by Kellie Yekel


Brittany Perez is living the life of a military wife. Her husband, Greg Perez, is serving in the Army and was recently deployed to Guantanamo Bay to begin his one-year term. This forced him to leave behind his wife, one-year-old son Zane, as well as his unborn child. Brittany is twenty-two years old and working part-time on top of being the mother to a one-year-old and four months pregnant.

Christmas time, according to Brittany, has been the hardest obstacle to overcome. She says being without her husband around this time of the year has been a struggle. The last time she even heard his voice was over three months ago. The couple has been able to keep in contact only through  Facebook Messenger. It is through this app that they are able to share pictures of Zane so Greg does not miss out on him growing up. “The little things, like Zane opening his presents and Greg not being here is upsetting, he unfortunately won’t be able to get these moments back”, says Brittany.

Laughing helps Brittany gets though. Without laughing she says, there would be a lot more tears.