The perfect voice for radio

Video posted April 27, 2017 in News by Terri T Thomas


University Park, Pa.- Kai Strachan started his college career in the fall semester of 2012. Being born and raised in the Bahamas Strachan entered a whole new world.

He would start his Penn State career at one of its branch campuses located in Hazleton Pennsylvania, as part of Penn State’s 2+2 program. Where students start at a branch campus and transition to another after 2 years.

Strachan did not know what he wanted to do with his life and decided not to choose a major that would make other people happy. Instead he decided to take his required general education requirements, dibble and dabbling in all types of courses to figure out what he liked and most wanted to do.

Strachan did not just want to go through life “paycheck to paycheck, and going to work every day just to stare at the clock,” Strachan said. Instead, Strachan wanted to do something he was in love with and passionate about.

Strachan decided to try out for the basketball team at Penn State Hazleton where he was able to make the team and play as a forward. Ending his basketball career at Hazleton he averaged, 5 points a game along with 5 rebounds a game.

By the end of Strachan’s sophomore year at Hazleton it was time to decide what his major would be once he transferred to Penn State’s, University Park campus.
With deep thought and reflection, he decided upon Communications. With his flamboyant and outgoing personality Strachan believed there would be no better fit for him.

During his time at University Park he would take part in various clubs and activities. Such as, a host for his own radio show that could be heard on The LION 90.7 FM two times a week, a host on Penn State’s PSNTV, an intern at B94.5, an intern at WBHVM, a reporter and anchor for Penn State’s Comradio, and a bartender at Penn State’s newest nightclub, Envy.

Fast forward to four years later, Strachan has graduated from Penn State with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, continuing to work on his radio show, starting his own podcast, moving to California in June of 2017 and chasing his dreams of being an radio host and on air talent nonstop.