The Power of Yoga

Video posted December 11, 2016 in News by Rachel Johannes


Lila Yoga Studios sits snugly on the corner of Allen St. and Beaver Ave in downtown State College. Erica Kaufman, the yoga studio owner and founder, waits in the small rustic lobby room for her first class of the day – Sun Salutations. Erica greets every participant signing in for the 10 am class with a bright smile and a cheerful “good morning.”

“Not only did my mother give me life, she gave me quality of life.” Erica dedicates her practice every time to her mother, who founded a holistic remedy for auto-immune diseases Erica developed as a child.

Erica is deeply passionate, and despite her disabilities, she changes the lives of people every day through the power of yoga. She fulfilled her life’s work at the age of 9, which she firmly believes is spreading the art of yoga to improve a person’s health, persona, and everyday life.

She has taught more than 50 teachers who have moved on to continue teaching the Lila yoga way. And she is just one of five Americans invited to guest teach at the International Yoga Festival in India for the past nine years.