The Purpose of Playlist

Story posted March 14, 2016 in News by Nick Weiss

With thousands of on campus-residents and numerous clubs and organizations to participate in, Penn State can be an intimidating place for some introverts. And that remains true for Indie 500 Radio Host and Freshman, Sam Panko.

When Panko first came to Penn State, he said he had a hard time adjusting to such an enormous social scene, and even though he wanted to participate in the community, He didn’t want to sacrifice any of the alone time required to maintain a healthy mental state.

One way he decided to get involved was through the on-campus radio station, The Lion 90.7 FM. Panko operated a radio show in high school, and was interested in sharing his music tastes with listeners all over the State College community. The Indie 500 has given Sam the opportunity to connect with listeners on an almost “personal” connection, while still allowing him to listen to music in his alone time.