The Quiet Girl with a Voice

Story posted October 17, 2016 in News by Paige Woiner

Maggie Rainey, a junior elementary education major, said she is never nervous when she’s on stage. She actually prefers it to having a conversation with someone.
At THON 2016, Rainey’s voice boomed over the Bryce Jordan Center at four in the morning, shocking and impressing those who didn’t even know she could sing.

Rainey said she started learning how to play guitar when she was in second grade. Although she didn’t love it at first, Rainey recalled that when she was 16, she became more interested in it. Since then, Rainey has played at multiple different venues in State College and also in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also learning how to play the banjo, ukulele, and piano.

Rainey explained that she enjoys country and folk music the best. She is attracted to the stories that the styles tell and the emotions they portray. Rainey said she uses these types of music to express her emotions to others. She admitted she would actually rather sing a song than have a conversation with someone.

After graduation, Rainey hopes to move to Nashville, where she aspires to teach elementary students during the day and play music at night. She hopes to possibly sell some music in the future.