The Road Trip

Story/Video posted April 28, 2013 in News by Yujun Shao


In the summer of 2012, Yueru Hao, a Penn State Geography international student, went on a road-trip with her boyfriend. The 9000 miles road trip started from State College, PA, passed more than 8 national parks, went up to west Canada and ended in Los Angeles, CA. To keep the budget low and get closer to the nature, Yueru and her boyfriend spent 21 out of 33 days camping in the wild and experienced challenging situations. They had problems with the driver license, car insurance, Canada visa and so on but they overcome them after all. As a frequent traveler, Yueru understands the idea of on the road as a very important part of life and an essential key to make life simpler and better. “Life is hard, you have problems and obstacles that never fail to come, but you will figure out everything just at the right time in the right way. Now we are sitting in the dusk of Montana, with our little white car and tinted sky, it was like the whole world is only about this moment”, says Yueru.

-Yujun Shao