The Sam Lucas Story

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Sam Lucas is about to graduate from Penn State with a degree in petroleum engineering.  He has been offered a $140,000 contract to work for a drilling company, but he turned the job down because another career awaits him. Being a missionary. 


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He decided to stay at Penn State for an extra year to finish his minor, but more importantly he wanted to stay because he felt a calling by God to work as a missionary and an on-campus minister. He said he knows God wanted him to stay and serve the Penn State community. But Sam’s ultimate goal is to go to the Middle East and work with a missionary group. Lucas said interacting with students on a daily basis on a big college campus is just one of the many steps that will help him achieve his goal of being a missionary.


Lucas said he felt a spiritual awakening his sophmore year and came up with the idea to serve in the Middle East. However, when this offer was made to him, he found himself in a crossroads. But after a lot of prayer, he said he knew the right choice was staying here within the community.

Along with being an on-campus minister, he's also the lead guitarist for his church's praise and worship band. He has had a love for music ever since he was a little kid and plans on using his musical gift to help serve him in the Middle East.

Lucas is also getting married in the summer and plans on staying in the area following his marriage. After graduation, he will be working as a full-time on-campus minister (he'll receive a stipend from Victory Christian Fellowship). Even though the pay is not quite $140,000, his fiance has his full support. He also received an offer recently to work near the Middle East region for a petroleum company, but knows that God will lead him in the right direction in whatever he does. 

Video: Spreading the Gospel During Spring Break 2017

Sam Lucas says his decision to become a missionary was heavily influenced by his exerience of traveling to Georgia with a group of Penn State friends a over spring break to do missionary work. This is the group's second trip to Georgia in two years.

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