The State Theatre provides entertainment for students and townspeople alike

Photo/Video posted April 27, 2017 in News by Matt Katz


The State Theatre first opened its doors on October 15th, 1938. It was built in just four months. While it was originally owned by Warner Brothers and was used to test new films, it eventually became a community-owned nonprofit venue. 
By 2001 theaters had become significantly less popular and as a result, the State Theatre had to close its doors. Fortunately, the theater had already found a place in the hearts of many State College citizens, who gathered together to help raise money and get it reopened. After five years and some renovations to help bring back some of the theater’s classical charm, it was time to reopen.
Today, the State Theatre serves as a venue for concerts, movies, and other various performances. Everything from local acts to internationally renowned artists share the stage, helping to bring culture to downtown State College.

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