The Stress of Finals Week

posted April 25, 2019 in News, CommRadio by Imogen Corker

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa.- Finals week is fast approaching and Penn State students are gearing up for the final push before the summer. With multiple exams and assignments due in the time frame of only seven days, the pressure adds up and it is often hard to balance the stress. 

Time management was key to keeping things under control.

“I’ll study every hour or so and then I’ll give myself a break, either go and get food, watch a show or hang out with friends," said Rachel Miloscia, a junior majoring in Telecommunications. "I feel like being secluded during finals is really stressful because you have so many things happening at once it’s hard to keep it all in.”

Procrastination and distractions are also a huge hurdle for students to jump. Phones, friends, parties, and other distractions tend to get in the way of full concentration on the tasks that lay ahead of them. 

“I’m a huge procrastinator so everything is going poorly for me. I mean I think I’m doing pretty good, but everything landed on the same day, which is two days away so I’m crying right now," said student Bobby D’Amato, adding that finals week is definitely not his favorite but it is good to see the end of the semester approaching.

Finals for everyone creep up at different times and paces. Some students have their finals week full of exams, so studying typically starts the last week of classes and continues into the designated finals week.

Other students, however, have to cram in papers and projects due the last week of classes. While going home earlier sounds ideal for everyone, the stress of producing quality work on time is a burden nonetheless. 

“I really just lay out what I need to get done first. For my finals this semester it’s all projects. Tomorrow is going to be very stressful because I have a lot of finals on Friday," said student Emily Catlett. "It’s hard but I can do it.”

Whether you have 10 or no finals next week, it is importnat to take some time for yourself. A clear mind is much better than a stressed one. 



Imogen Corker is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email