The Willard Preacher

Video posted December 4, 2018 in News by Sophia Romano


Why preach? For Gary Cattell preaching outside The Willard Building has changed his life. Cattell became devoted to sending his messages out to the Penn State community and expressing how “Christianity is the only true religion” since 1982. Gary Cattell has been known as the “The Willard Preacher” after former preacher of the name Bro Cope passed the position down to him. Sharing strong views on a multitude of topics, Cattell enjoys discussing and debating with students the most because it gives him something to argue against, “atheists are my favorite to talk to”, Cattel said. 

After being a "big partier" throughout high school and college with drinking and drugs, Cattell decided to find God. Despite the weather changes, Cattell chooses different topics to preach on ranging from religion, culture, sex, and LGBQT throughout the week. As many think The Willard Preacher is “weird” or “doesn’t have a life”, Cattell is stands as your regular Orthodox Christian, with a family of his own; a wife and four kids who support him in what he does. Cattell believes he will continue to preach until God gives him another reason not to or if he is not physically able to anymore.