This Is My Vice

Video posted December 9, 2015 in News by Valentina Valentine Ndibalema


Kenny Sukitch has gone from being a bass player in a small high school band,to a performer at music venues in his home town of Pittsburgh. Sukitch has opened for Kingsfoil, former drummer and actor Frankie Muniz, and has recently opened for Howie Day at the Hard Rock Café in Pittsburgh.

He is is a junior studying civil engineering but says when he was younger he began teaching himself how to play guitar from books and videos, and has been doing so ever since.

Sukitch says music served as an escape from engineering because he was able to distress. However, he says when he tried signing up for a music class, a professor kicked him out because he was not a music major even though he had the skills. He says being rejected from the class did not stop him and that he makes all his music by himself, from the ground up.