This is Not Pierce From Allderdice

Story posted October 17, 2016 in News by Justin Corbett

Pierce carter is a senior here at Penn State studying Psychology and working  towards earning his degree; what his professors and even some of his friends don’t know is that Pierce has dreams of becoming a professional artist. As a lyricist and producer he seems to take music serious in multiple ways. Pierce sells beats he produced to fellow artists and sometimes lets them record and create in his room, where he keeps his recording equipment. This element of his artistic style helps him tremendously because being able to engineer music for yourself and other people gives you different skills needed to make great music; skills that people that can only write rhymes, or sing cannot do.

Right now, he plans on making music, putting the music up for free on his Soundcloud and gaining a following to push his status to the next level. Pierce also creates beats and sells them to people working in different genres of music, giving him the practice he needs to create, but also helping him maintain while he’s in school working towards his degree. He explained how tough it can be trying to do what he knows he needs to do to become a better artist, but he spoke of one specific thing which was focus.

Pierce explained that making music is a process, and everything within that process helps you to grow as a person; thus why he feels he is not the same kid he was when he went to Taylor Allderdice in his hometown Pittsburgh, PA. He believes that because of his focus and dedication to becoming a better artist the process will begin to ease and his plans of making music professionally will soon become reality.