THON Announces 2022 Theme “Spark Endless Light”

Story posted October 29, 2021 in CommRadio, News by Courtney McGinley

Penn State THON’s Executive Committee announced the new 2022 event theme, “Spark Endless Light” on Friday.

Executive Director for Penn State THON, Kate Colgan stated that THON has been a constant in her life for several years and despite life's ups and downs, “Spark Endless Light” is bringing everyone in the community back together.

According to Colgan, last year was a time for growth, resilience and passion from the THON community and this year is about a fresh start.

“‘Spark Endless Light’ represents the hope we strive for THON to provide in this year and into the future, it’s hope for a brighter tomorrow and for a future without cancer,” Colgan said. “We really feel that THON is a constant not only in the lives of children and families battling childhood cancer but in the lives of all of its supporters.”

Penn State student and member of Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity, Justin Tannenbaum stated that the new THON theme is inspirational.

“I really enjoy the theme for THON this year ‘Endless Light’ because it really shows how we came out of a struggling period during COVID and not being able to have in-person events and knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel really gives us inspiration and room to grow in the future,” Tannenbaum said.

THON also recently announced its intentions to have the event in-person, barring some coronavirus vaccination requirements.

The reveal of the new theme led into the “Dream Forward Campaign” that started today. The campaign will run until Nov. 10, which is 100 days until THON.


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