THON in photos: Saturday Part 2

Photo posted February 18, 2012 in News, THON 2012 by College of Communications

Images from Saturday afternoon into the evening at THON 2012 as the dancers reach the half-way point of the 46-hour marathon.

About the Contributors

Alina Gluck's photo

Alina Gluck

Senior / Visual Journalism

My name is Alina M. Gluck. I am from Freeland, the highest borough in Pennsylvania. I am a senior studying photojournalism at Penn State University. I will be graduating in May 2012. I am interested in multimedia as well as reporting and photography.

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Kelley King

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Kelley is a Penn State graduate with a major in visual journalism and a minor in sociology. She has interned as a multimedia reporter at magazine in Philadelphia, as a lifestyle writer at the Lansdale Reporter, and worked three years on the staff of The Daily Collegian student newspaper, where she was Photo/Multimedia Chief.
In 2012 she traveled to Rio de Janeiro to do field work for Comm 402, International Reporting.

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Victoria Magliaro

Senior / Visual Journalism

My two primary interests are the equine industry and photography. I hope to combine these interests in a career as a photographer for an equine publication like Practical Horseman.  I am a 22-year-old visual journalism major at Penn State University with a psychology minor.

I work three jobs in addition to pet sitting and house cleaning for several families on a regular basis. I work very hard in all of my jobs as well as in my classes. I know exactly where I want to be as an adult, so I am doing my best to get there.

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Krista Myers

2011 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Krista Myers is a senior visual journalism major and kinesiology minor whose goal is to utilize and improve her photography and videography skills.

She is a native of a small town called Dover in south central Pennsylvania. After spending time as a music business major and then print journalism major at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, she decided to come back home to study. She has worked as a section editor and writer for the student magazine FLY, and interned with the Transsylvania Mountain Bike Epic and Dover Township Parks and Recreation.

Her career goals include working as a music photographer, as a photographer and writer for a cycling magazine, editing and designing magazine content and creating multimedia content for online venues.

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Tom Ruane

Senior / Visual Journalism

Tom Ruane is a 23-year-old New Jersey native, from the beachside community of West Long Branch. He began his college career as a business major at Saint Peter’s College, the Jesuit College of New Jersey, in Jersey City, N.J. He will graduate from Penn State in August 2012 with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Journalism and a minor in Business Liberal Arts.

Tom is a photographer for The Daily Collegian student newspaper. Outside of school, he is a cadet in the Pennsylvania National Guard. He has worked as a self-employed disc jockey with a pro-audio company for the past seven years. Tom is also very heavily involved in the community by volunteering with local fire departments, search and rescue teams, and emergency management teams.

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Patrick Thorp

Senior / Visual Journalism

I am a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in visual journalism. My home is in Ocean City, N.J., where I live by the beach with my family and two dogs.

I consider myself to be a hard working student who stays on task and focuses on what I have to achieve. I have always had a passion for making photographs.  I am active with the Newman Club, a Catholic student organization associated with the Penn State campus ministry. I work with La Vie, the Penn State yearbook, and I am photographer intern with Voices of Central Pa.

Julianna O'Malley's photo

Julianna O'Malley

2012 Graduate / Double Major in Integrative Arts and Visual Journalism

Being passionate about the world, I am studying photography and design in hopes that I will be able to share my perspectives and creative eye with those around us. From creating fashion forward images in the studio to telling a photographic narrative about life, I hope to pursue a career where I use my creative interests, talents, and desire to travel to the best of my ability to make a difference.

Lindsay Gunderman's photo

Lindsay Gunderman

Senior / Visual Journalism and Integrative Arts

I am interested in doing still photography and multimedia for a newspaper or magazine. I am an associate creative director at Valley Magazine, where I create advertisements for local businesses to be published in the magazine.

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Senior / Visual Communications Journalism

Steven was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in the mall capital of the United States, Paramus, New Jersey. He attends Penn State University, where he is majoring in visual communications journalism and minoring in psychology, and is set to graduate in the Spring of 2012. New York City acts as a second home for Steven, and he can never stay away from it for too long. 

With an artistic mind, Steven cannot go for more than a week without letting his creative juices go wild. He is an active user of Adobe Photoshop and is always working on a variety of photo editing projects. He is fascinated by marketing concepts companies use to promote themselves and is a sucker for buying a new product after seeing a quality commercial.

Steven enjoys nothing more than going for a drive in the late spring with the windows down and the music blasting; it is one of his favorite methods for clearing his head. While many view driving as a chore, Steven will always be the first to volunteer, as he can never spend enough time behind the wheel.

Arielle Skwirut's photo

Arielle Skwirut

Senior / Journalism, Visual Communications

I’m currently a senior at Penn State University, majoring in Visual Communications Journalism with a minor in History. I graduated from Kiski Area High School in 2008. After graduating, I hope to find a job in a multimedia position.

Kaitlyn Knopp's photo

Kaitlyn Knopp

Junior / Visual Communications B.A.; Labor Studies Employment Relations B.S.; Human Resou

As a Penn State junior, I am devoted to excelling in every aspect of my academics, extracurricular and eventual career. I participate in multiple majors and activities to expand my knowledge, and hopefully have a great experience along the way.

Lindsay Lipovich's photo

Lindsay Lipovich

2013 Graduate / Journalism, Visual Communication

I am a visual communication student, eager to make a difference in the world. My expertise is in social media, multimedia, marketing, public relations and travel. As a May 2013 Penn State Graduate, I have the knowledge and dedication needed to provide an innovative vision in many different fields.

I am passionate about photography and traveling, preferably simultaneously…

JennKnauff's photo


Senior / Visual Journalism

I live in West Chester, Pa. and am senior majoring in Visual Journalism. I have a huge passion for photography and would love to work for a music magazine eventually. I enjoy photographing all subjects from nature to concerts.

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Senior / Visual Journalism

I am Shawn Lelko from State College Pennsylvania. I am a senior at Penn State University studying photojournalism. I will be graduating in May 2012. I hope to pursue a career in sport photography.

Catherine Frisina's photo

Catherine Frisina

Senior / Journalism - Visual communication option

I am a senior majoring in Journalism/Visual Communication and minoring in English.