THON preparation of Grace Desjardins

Story posted February 14, 2017 in News by Yukai Peng

Grace Desjardins, a Penn State junior majoring in marketing and international business, has been involved in THON since she came to Penn State. This year will be her third year involving in THON, and she’s working out to make herself prepared for THON. She is not a dancer this year although she did dance during THON weekend last year, but she still thinks that it is important to work out properly to maker her more balanced with all parts of her body.

In order to make herself prepared for THON, Desjardins takes part in the power remix class, a dance aerobic class held by THON from Monday to Friday every week. Last year when she was preparing for THON, she takes the class three days a week. However, she still takes the class this semester because she loves to hang out and have fun with her friends.