THON Senior Celebration and Alumni Involvement

posted April 25, 2019 in News, CommRadio by Kiley Hill

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - On Tuesday April 23, THON hosted a senior celebration in the Hintz Family Alumni Center.

The event was open to everyone and gave the attendees the ability to learn how to continue their dedication even after graduation, For The Kids.

Lulu Hamm, Penn State senior and director of Alumni Engagement, explains how this event takes long-term plannig and execution.

“This is one of the events that my committee is responsible for putting on," Hamm said. "Throughout the year, I work extensively with alumni, just connecting them to THON.

Matthew Rodriguez, a senior who has been involved with THON his four years at Penn State, said he loves seeing the people at this event and added that it is a celebration of being involved.

“Honestly just seeing the people that I’ve been working with throughout my four years and especially this year. I’ve seen a couple people that I’ve actually dealt with one-on-one, and just being able to chat with them and see what their future plans are and [see] how they’ll stay involved with THON after,” Rodriguez said.

Hamm also said this event means bridging the gap with student volunteers and alumni.

“Both groups are so passionate about THON and for me, this is just a great way to send them off and just remind them that THON is always going to be a part of who they are and the mission is more than just four years,” Hamm said.

The THON senior celebration encourages students and alumni to live out their legacy.



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