Connecting two worlds through an artist’s eyes

Video posted April 28, 2014 in News by Kaidian Gordon


A Penn State University student majoring in printmaking, Victoria Brown says that she refers to her artistic self as “Llanakila”, Hawaiian for victory. Llanakila is a visual artist, who has no boundaries when it comes to creating a masterpiece canvas.

Using bold and bright color and sometimes black and white Llanakila says she likes to create art that relates to her life and emotions. In many of her artistic pieces she draws, prints, and paints powerful objects along with visionary lines. Some of her pieces relate to the mind, dreams, and the universe.

For her final project, at Penn State, Llanakila says she was disconnecting herself from the online world by refusing to use her cellphone. Once disconnected, she said she took greater notice of what’s in the sky versus looking down at her cellphone.

Sharing her creative pieces with not only friends and family, but also everyone including celebrities. For artists like Big Krit and Asher Roth that have graced the stages at Penn State she has made them a canvas of her work.

Video: Llanakila's Inspiration

Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Georgia O'keeffe, Llanakila calls her artwork "Kaleidoscopic."