Through the Lens: Voting in Centre County

Story posted November 7, 2017 in News by Bellisario College of Communications

NDo0MCBwLm0uIC0gSm9obiBLbGFyYSwgb2YgU3RhdGUgQ29sbGVnZSwgdm9sdW50ZWVycyBmb3IgZXZlcnkgZWxlY3Rpb24gYXQgdGhlIFN0YXRlIENvbGxlZ2UgRXZhbmdlbGljYWwgRnJlZSBDaHVyY2guIFBob3RvIGJ5IEdlb3JnaSBEZUNhcm1pbmU=4:40 p.m. - John Klara, of State College, volunteers for every election at the State College Evangelical Free Church. Photo by Georgi DeCarmine

Visual reporters from the Bellisario College of Communications are traveling throughout Centre County today to document the 2017 election in photos, words and video.

This morning they found poll workers and campaigners in place early in the day, eager to finish the process of choosing judges at the local and state level, picking a mayor for State College and making a decision about how local governments will be able to levy property and income taxes.

The social media dispatches and photos produced by the reporters are packaged three ways below, in a timeline, a news blog and a bonus photo gallery at the bottom of the page.

Pleaase check back here for updates through the day.



News blog


Photo Gallery: One Last Look

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4:44 p.m. - Francisco Fonta, of State College peels of a “I Voted” sticker after voting at the State College Evangelical Free Church. Photo by Georgi DeCarmine  


4:45 p.m. - Election officials Ricky Methven and Joey Morrison checks in voters at Elmcroft Building in State College.

About the Contributors

Kendal Higdon's photo

Kendal Higdon

Senior / Journalism

Kendal Higdon is president of Penn State Network Television. She started working with the show PSNnews as a reporter and associate producer before becoming president. Throughout this process she has also been the social media manager and director of student outreach for the network. She has interned with Town & Gown Magazine, Magnum Broadcasting, Penn State Athletics Video, and Fan Media Inc. After graduation she hopes to continue her work in sports and social media by joining a football team’s media department.

Katerina Procyk's photo

Katerina Procyk

Senior / Digital and Print Journalism

Katerina Procyk is aspiring to one day go into multimedia journalism and venture into the world of digital media. Starting originally as a news writer and editor, she has moved into visual story telling. She’s worked at two different college newspapers and has interned at both a magazine and local television station. Last year, she produced two signature stories and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently the director of the SOC 119 livestream and hopes to produce more visual stories throughout her senior year and master the camera. Other than that, she enjoys bad jokes, videos of otters and adventuring through the woods with her horse.

MJ Mughetto's photo

MJ Mughetto

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

MJ is a senior at Penn State University studying broadcast journalism. He is currently keeping options open for a career path.

Jess Cartwright's photo

Jess Cartwright

Junior / Photojournalism

Jess Cartwright is currently a web and print photographer for Valley Magazine and previously worked as a photographer for Onward State. She has held a position as a Marketing Assistant for three years with the non-profit organization Eastern National in Fort Washington, PA. Jess’s dream job would be to work National Geographic after college, though she is also interested in pursuing a marketing career as well.

Cassidy Levine's photo

Cassidy Levine

Senior / Photojournalism

I interned this past summer in New York City at a company called SLASH-PR. SLASH-PR is mainly talent PR, working with a variety of celebrities and some young and upcoming artists, but also works with other companies such as Bantam Bagels. I was in charge of managing and organizing social accounts for celebrities such as Andrea Barber, commonly known as Kimmy Gibler from Full House. I worked hand in hand with companies and press, assisted on multiple photoshoots for magazine companies, and managing publicity schedules. I am looking to expand my passions for Photojournalism and social media and eventually get a career in one of those fields.

Alyssa Inman's photo

Alyssa Inman

Senior / Print and Digital Journalism

This past summer, I interned with CSRA, a government contractor located in the D.C. Metro area, as a Marketing and Communications associate. I currently intern at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) as a Marketing and Communications Intern. I hope to return to D.C. Metro area after graduation in May 2018.

Lexi Lehman's photo

Lexi Lehman

Senior / Journalism

Alexandra aims to combine environmental journalism and photography to highlight the beauty and destruction of nature through anthropogenic factors. From the streets of the city to the path less traveled in the woods, she enjoys capturing her experiences and adventures through her Nikon. After completing a communications internship at EARTHWORKS in Washington D.C during summer 2017, she hopes continue her journey at National Geographic.

Sydni Jean's photo

Sydni Jean

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Sydni Jean is from Philadelphia, PA and also has minors in French and Theatre. One of her career aspirations is to work as a Director of Communications at a news media station. She wants to also work as a Communications Manager in non-profit organizations because she wants to help others in a way that she is good at.

She has worked as a Social Media Manager for student-run organizations such as The Underground. Also, she was able to intern in Shanghai, China at the International Channel Shanghai. Currently, she is the External Relations Chair for BLUEprint Peer Mentoring Organization on Penn State’s Campus and an intern at WPSU.

Emeling Navas's photo

Emeling Navas

Senior / Print/Digital Journalism

Emeling Navas is an aspiring multimedia journalist from Miami, Florida. She has interned and written lifestyle articles in Buenos Aires, Argentina for The Bubble, a media startup that caters to expats. She currently writes for The Daily Collegian as the food and health reporter and has written for the politics beat as well. This past summer she interned for WPSU as a marketing intern interviewing Vietnam veterans for The Time to Heal Project. In the past she has participated in the Short Doc Workshop creating a short video on a Penn State hijabi student from Turkey.

Joey Logue's photo

Joey Logue

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Andrew Henry's photo

Andrew Henry

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Andrew is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism. After playing football and baseball for 12 years each, he turned to the broadcasting world and aspires to be an on-air personality in a sports market. He was born just outside of Philadelphia and remains loyal to hometown teams, especially the Eagles. You can follow him on Twitter @djmi10z and email him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)