To Be Daydreamers

Story posted December 8, 2014 in News, Best of CommMedia by Jack Tumen

Aaron and Wyatt Mones have been playing music together their entire lives. In fact, they’re twin brothers that form the two-man group known as The Daydreamers – a name that derives from the fact that everybody is in some way or another, a daydreamer. Now a decade into their journey at the age of 22, the self-taught, Woodstock, NY natives prepare to make the transition from local-scale band into the spotlight of the music industry with the upcoming release of a new EP.

QWFyb24gTW9uZXMgd29ya3MgdGhlIHNvdW5kIGJvYXJkIGR1cmluZyBhIHJlY29yZGluZyBzZXNzaW9uIGF0IHRoZSBob21lIHN0dWRpbyBvZiBkcnVtbWVyIEplcnJ5IE1hcm90dGEuAfter steadily refining their sound throughout high school, the twin brothers chose to forego college to continue their pursuit of a musical career. They had the privilege of working under the tutelage of Jerry Marotta - a drummer and owner of Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY – who granted them access to Dreamland as well as his home studio so they could learn the ropes of music production.

Years of experience writing, recording and producing their own songs have given the brothers invaluable experience moving forward as they reflect on the past accomplishments and look toward the future. They already released an EP two years ago titled “With Your Love,” and plan to wrap up recording their next EP in the coming weeks. The Daydreamers continue writing songs in anticipation of a full studio-album in the next year.

Follow the band on their Sound Cloud and Facebook pages.

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