Training For The Race

Video posted April 15, 2016 in News by Michael Watson


Kerri Mundy is preparing for her first half marathon and is very excited.  Mundy is a junior at Penn State and hasn't been as physically active as she was in high school.  "In high school I was the captain of my lacrosse and field hockey teams and never had a problem with staying active" Mundy says.  Now with her sports career behind her she had to find a different way to stay active.

Mundy was happy that her friend from home was on the same page as her.  "My best friend and I decided to train and run a half marathon as our new years resolution" Mundy says.  So far the training has gone slow due an ankle injury suffered over spring break.  However Mundy is very eager to get back out there and complete her goal.  "I want to finish this half marathon because once I know I can do it I'll know I can do a full marathon" Mundy says.  Finishing a marathon has always been, " On bucket list," Mundy says it comes from her dad who runs long distance.

Mundy will have the summer to continue to train while balancing work in State College.  She says she can use this to her advantage since she already has routes planned out and does not need to start all over again by changing locations.  When Mundy was asked if she'll finish her goal by the end of they she smiled and said, "No doubt".