Tuba Man Turned Statesman

Story posted October 16, 2017 in News by Jess Cartwright

Drew Myers is a junior at Penn State who, from a young age, has been interested in music. He began playing piano, then picked up guitar, and since then has expanded his skills.

Myers says he was relatively private about his music in high school, but at one of his school’s football games his sophomore year, he put on a cape and ran across the field playing his tuba.

“Everybody called me Tuba Man from that point on,” says Myers. “I just embraced it - you have to embrace something like that.”

A self-proclaimed “shower and car singer,” Myers was encouraged to join the Statesmen by a friend who was also a member of the group.

Since joining the Statesmen, Myers has felt like he found his place at Penn State.

“We took a trip to Notre Dame my freshman year and everybody got really, really close,” he says.

He has improved his vocal and performing skills during his time in the Statesmen and says he has found lifelong friends in the process.