Story/Video posted October 31, 2016 in News by Allison Gasparetti



Professor Velvet Brown and her orchestra of tuba and euphonium players presented their annual TubaWeen concert as part of the nationwide Oc-Tuba-Fest, a month-long celebration of the tuba and its affiliate instrument the euphonium. 

The School of Music held three events leading up to TubaWeen, including a solo night, a brass chamber music celebration and a guest artist euphonium player. 

The TubaWeen orchestra is part of a class at Penn State, which was open to all students by audition. Over the past several years, the TubaWeen concert has included a featured faculty member with the ensemble.

"Imagine how horrifying it is, actually, instead of a real orchestra, to play with a tuba orchestra," Brown said.

Featured pieces for the concert included "A Little Monster Music" composed by Elizabeth Raum and "Time Warp" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Every year, the student come clad in their favorite costumes, which is one of Brown's favorite parts of the evening.