Tucker Landis Emerges in the State College Music Scene

Story posted October 17, 2016 in News by Bridget Pfirman


Tucker Landis is an emerging guitarist in the State College music scene. He started in the basements of State College when he played basement shows at houses around State College. He eventually gained popularity and was recruited for a band called Shallow 9, a cover band in Altoona. He became the backup guitarist for this band and eventually became a full time member of Shallow 9.
He kept his connections with the basement shows and also continued to create original music because he wanted to market his sound. Through his basement shows he played with his current band, Doppler Poppins and was offered a fill-in guitarist position. He eventually became their full time guitarist.
Aside from Tucker’s emergence in the music scene he has also played in The State Theater with Chris Vipond and The Stanley Street Band. This summer Landis also played at FarmmaLammaJamma9 a makeshift music festival. Some of his future goals include gaining popularity in the music scene and getting better time slots in the State College area.
One distinguishing feature about Landis is that he never stops playing. Tucker is in two bands, one in State College and one in Altoona. He also collaborates with other local artists through his connections to get his name out there. He said this is what makes him successful and known to the music scene. Although its long hours and can mean sacrifices, Tucker says that his love for music outweighs the challenges of his career.