Warrior Women: Lisa Scholder, Giving Back In Her Art

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An Explosion of Art Fighting a Cause

They say your body is a temple and should be treated like one. But is it a canvas? Lisa Scholder, an abstract artist living in Florida, is using women's bodies to create digital art that can be found in multiple shows,  Internet sites and gallaries. By adding her trademark signature of bursts of color onto the naked female body.

The art is especially inspirational because of the women she chooses to paint. Her subjects are women who have or still are battling breast cancer. Many of these women have body issues from countless surgeries and vigorous treatment, giving back these ‘warrior women’ some confidence is something Scholder is pleased to do.

Warrior woman 2

Scholder works in collaboration with an organization called “Bodies of Courage.” This foundation makes a calendar every year with different faces for each month. Every woman has her own story and her own heartbreaking battles. However, onething these women share in this experience is the awe-inspiring birthright to feel beautiful again in their own skin during and after all their misfortunes, Scholder says.

How did Scholder end up painting human canvaes? I was just messing around with some of my girlfriends at the time and we thought it would be fun to paint me. We sat there all night taking photos of the artwork we had done on my body, only realizing in the morning that we had no film in the camera,” laughs Scholder. “I’ll never make that mistake again,"she says.

Thecalendars and more examples of her work are available on the bodies of courage website at bodiesofcourage.org.

Video: The roots of Scholder's body painting

Lisa Scholder says she painted on regular canvas before switching to the human canvas.

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