Who Is Alice Gyamfi

Video posted April 30, 2015 in News by Brianna Hunter


   Alice Gyamfi is a Penn State senior, originally from Ghana, Africa. After a tragic accident involving falling or being pushed (members of her family claim an aunt pushed her) into a pot of hot water Alice was rushed to the United States for emergency medical attention. The Gyamfi family relocated to the U.S and started their life here.
   Her parents wanted to be part of the “American Dream” and wanted their children to have great educational and living opportunities. Alice and her family lived in Alexandria, VA and then moved to Woodbridge, VA where they live now. Her mother and father worked countless hours at numerous jobs providing for Alice and her other siblings. Alice learned fro and was blessed with the opportunity of attending Penn State University.
   Alice uses her childhood and childhood accident, as well as the positive upbringing from her mother and father to push her through school now.