Wong proves he is toe-tally into piano

Story posted March 10, 2013 in News by Mengqin Cao

Both of Wesley Wong's parents play classical music. His mother began to suspect he shared their interest when she saw him tapping his fingers on the table to mimic his parents playing piano.

She arranged for the six-year-old to begin taking piano lessons. She began to suspect he was beginning to lose interest when she caught him playing the piano with his toes.

He continued his Hong Kong childhood without any more lessons. But the piano drew him back in fifth grade. He took another break from the keyboard to study for public exams. Music returned.

Now he's a junior at Penn State and the piano is an important part of his life. Now that he's older he's able to find a balance between school work and his music.

Although he loves the piano, Wong says he's never thought about making it a career. He said that both he and his parents don't think the piano would be a stable enough job. He's studying finance.

"Maybe it's because I am Asian," he joked.

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