A Glimpse Into the School of Theatre

Video posted February 28, 2018 in


Since his days of high school in the outskirts of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Jonathan Savage has known that there is nothing else in the world he would rather do than perform. Currently, he is a senior majoring in musical theatre at Penn State.

He has been in many Penn State productions, such as Titanic: The Musical, Rhythm of Life, and Sweet Charity. This past summer, he starred in The Light Rail in New York City. He loves preforming because it allows him to be outgoing and tell a story while making people smile.

The last production that he will play a starring role in as a Penn State student is Kiss of the Spider Woman, which will run from April 3-7 at the Playhouse Theatre. He said he plans to head to New York City and audition for shows on Broadway upon graduation, and said he could not be more excited for this next endeavor in his career.