“Abbott Elementary” - Season 2, Episode 18 Review

Story posted March 19, 2023 in

On “Abbott Elementary” this week, viewers are given some information about the main character’s background in an episode that sets the story up for an end-of-season run. In an era where more and more shows are cutting down to 10-episode seasons instead of a usual 22, it is refreshing to see that this far into a season, the episodes are still this good.

It’s ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’ at Abbott, and Ava tells the staff that she has 76ers tickets to give them. Obviously they are all excited, but then she reveals that she actually only has two tickets.

All of the teachers are upset, and fighting breaks out among them. This episode allows viewers to see more of the staff of the school besides just the main cast, which is a change of pace that helps distract from the fatigue many seem to be feeling with seasons this long these days.

The teachers decide to vote for who should get the tickets, and they end up voting for Mr. Johnson because they were all mad at each other. They all seem disappointed, because he isn’t an actual teacher, but he happily accepts the tickets.

Barbara is really upset about the ticket situation and about how the school district doesn’t appreciate its teachers. But her sadness is resolved when one of her students brings her a gift and she remembers why she really loves teaching: the students.

Also in this episode, Janine’s sister, Ayesha, is coming to stay with her for a few days. This brings about the return of guest star Ayo Edebiri, who is an excellent addition to this cast.

Janine decides to invite Jacob, Gregory, and her friend Erica to a board game night with her sister. When they arrive, the tension between Janine and her sister is palpable, and it is clear that their relationship is not strong.

When an argument breaks out between Janine and Ayesha, they go outside to fight on the street. The two eventually resolve some of their issues, but being sisters can be a complicated relationship sometimes, especially with parents who aren’t the best at being parents.

While they’re outside, Erica slyly asks Gregory about the teacher’s conference, where he kissed Janine. He avoids the question while Jacob is oblivious to the situation, but it is interesting that the kiss between the two continues to be a source of tension within the show.

The next day, Ayesha comes to see Janine at work, and the two seem to be feeling better. Edebiri’s performance in this episode is excellent, which isn’t surprising, but it is likely that Ayesha will be back.

At the end of the episode, Ava is handed a memo that states that a petition to turn Abbott into a charter school is going before the school board. This is an alarming turn of events, but expected, to go into the home stretch of the season.

Legendary Charter’s attempts to turn Abbott into a charter school have not worked so far, but they’re making a real attempt now, which is bad news for our main cast. The only promising thing about this is that guest star Leslie Odom Jr. will likely be returning to “Abbott Elementary,” as he plays the man who runs Legendary Charter.

Rating: 3.5/5

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