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Drake released his fourth studio album “Views” in April of 2016. Looking back at the album six years after its release, let’s take a deep dive into the work of art and speculate if Views can be considered a classic.

The album as a whole has tremendous production value from beginning to end, with the listener feeling like they’re with Drake in the freezing Toronto winter, where most of the album was recorded.

The first track “Keep the Family Close” starts the album on a somber note. The sound of wind from an apparent storm whistles in the background as Drake spills his emotions about losing a woman in his past. He preaches the importance of family ties and how he wishes he could move on from this mystery woman.

The album quickly makes a turn on the second track “9” with Drake putting the R&B aside for a full-on rap masterclass. “I made a decision last night that I would die for it.” Says Drake as he speaks about turning the city of Toronto, known as the “6”, upside down to a 9, due to the extreme success he’s earned.

“Views” has a song for any mood that the listener is feeling and that’s why the album will age gracefully throughout the years.

For listeners that want a slow R&B Drake track there’s songs like “Feel No Ways,” “Too Good” (feat. Rihanna), and “Summers Over Interlude.”

Fans that love the hard-hitting rap bars are represented well on Views too. “Hype,” “Grammys” (feat. Future,) and “Pop Style” deliver some of Drake’s most memorable tracks in his whole discography.

Before the release of Views, there was immense pressure on Drake to deliver after teasing the album since 2014.

After a great response from fans to the mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive” co-created with Future, in September 2015, Views was touted as a classic before it was even released.

It’s safe to say that Drake delivered and then some. “One Dance” on the album notched Drake his first number one song on the Canadian Top 100.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard Top 200 and spent 13 weeks at the top spot. As of now Views is certified six times platinum.

One negative of the album is that the beats start to fall into the same category if one listens to the album in single listen. Chances are, the audience will get a little tired because of its relaxing winter-day aesthetic.
Best Song: After listening to this whole album, the best track by far was “Still Here.” The whole track is Drake paying homage to his closest friends in Toronto and humble bragging about his success in the industry.

The beat, made by Drake’s long-time producer Noah “40” Shebib, is a delight to the ears. Simply put, I’ve never heard a track that sounds like this one.

Overall, Views by Drake was a great listen and listeners should definitely take time to listen if they haven’t.

Rating: 8/10

Favorite Track: “Still Here”

Least Favorite Track: “Faithful” (feat. Pimp C & dvsn)

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