Alex G - “God Save the Animals” Album Review

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Alex G is an indie rock artist that has taken his music to a whole new level. His music makes the listener truly think and it can be interpreted in many different ways from various perspectives. He does not always entirely define what a piece is attempting to display, which pushes the audience to come up with their own interpretation.

All of Alex G’s music is fascinating. It makes a listener want to sit down and think about what he could mean by each and every song. His style is different from any other and has deep meaning.

“God Save the Animals” displays Alex G’s passion for animals and demonstrates how animals have feelings just as people, even if they can’t necessarily save themselves. This album has a positive mood throughout. Even when times get tough, he focuses on the positivity in life to move forward.

The album starts out with very peaceful energy. “After All” explains how God has been there for him, but people will always come and go. This song explains how he knows that the world is a hard place to be, but there is love.

Then, he rolls directly into “Runner,” which is single handedly the best song on the album. He performed this song as a teaser for his new album on ‘The Tonight Show’ back in July. The music video for this song is the farthest thing from extravagant. He gathers his band into a small room with a bland backdrop and minimal lighting to perform the song.

The album has many different moods throughout to change how the listener is feeling.

“Blessing” brings a unique tone to the album where Alex G is practically whispering the whole song. Even though he is whispering, the song does have a purpose and promotes positivity. This song makes the listener want to get up and conquer the day.

The album changes the mood with the heavily autotuned “Immunity.” This track is directed more towards an audience that prefers instrumentals over lyrics.

Later in the album, “Miracles” delivers gorgeous melodies while he sings about starting a family.

Throughout the entire album, Alex G portrays strong energy and puts authenticity into his songs. “Forgive” is the perfect example of this, where he sounds as if he is on the verge of tears while illustrating that he is focusing on the present moment rather than dwelling on the negatives of the past.

Multiple songs on the album do not have many lyrics, but the listener can still understand the point he is pushing to get across. The album could be a lot stronger if there were more lyrics that went deeper into the purpose of each song.

Alex G has evolved significantly since when he first started making music. His music style is very versatile, so individuals with various tastes in music would appreciate listening to him.

Rating: 8/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Runner”, “Miracles” & “Forgive”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “S.D.O.S”


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