An Engineering Student’s Journey to Becoming a Rapper

Story/Video posted March 29, 2021 in


Tolani Olaniyi is a senior at Penn State studying industrial engineering. In his free time, he raps,
sings, and creates music with his friends. Being that Tolani has three different citizenships in the United States, England, and Nigeria he aims for his music to be diverse so it can be played in any cultural setting regardless of where he is in the world. Tolani said, “I think because I’ve traveled so much around the world it has definitely shaped the person I am and the music I create.”

Tolani’s rap name is TO Vibez which are his initials to his first and last name. Tolani explained the “Vibez” part of his rap name by saying, “people love to vibe out to my songs. I love creating upbeat music that people can enjoy and lift up their mood.” Tolani got into music at a young age. He began by singing while playing the piano and drums. It wasn’t until high school where he found a true love for rap music.

Tolani explained that his biggest inspiration is Kanye West who is a famous rapper from his hometown in Chicago. Similar to Kanye West, Tolani raps about his life and things that are going on in this world. Tolani hopes to continue making music even into his professional career after college. His music can be found on any major music platform including SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, and more.